Introduction to Computer Theory by Daniel I. A. Cohen

Introduction to Computer Theory

Introduction to Computer Theory Book Summary

Introduction to Computer Theory is the mathematics, programming and computer technology book which briefly explains everything in form of chapters and exercises. Daniel I. A. Cohen is the author of this informative book. The author explains the basic concept of automata theory which helps students to build their initial concepts. Little background knowledge of computer theory and the concepts of scientist about it. Learn about recursive definitions, regular expressions with their examples in the easiest way. What’s the difference between finite automata and the transition graphs? The book includes the chapter on the Kleene theorem and deliberately explains how a language can be expressed in FA and TG form. The theorem needs three steps to be proved right one after one. How to find out the regular language and finite automata. Why all the regular languages are finite even if they are fulfilling the requirements of infinite sets. The non-regular languages have a contradiction in form of pumping lemma and they are composed on infinite numbers. What is meant by Decidability, Turing Theory and details about Minsky’s Theorem? What is the difference between Turing and Post machines, why they are important and why we check on both? This is the latest edition by the author which is fully revised with advance research.

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