Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes by Cory O’Brien

Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes

Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes Book Summary

Zeus Grants Stupid Wishes is the social sciences, spiritual, methodology and history guide which tells the reality behind the secrets of myths. Cory O’Brien is the author of this impressive book. He has years of experience in writing about mythologies, computer code, and science fiction. This time, Cory decided to write a comprehensive book for the readers. In our entire lives, we are fed by different myths and mostly among us beliefs. We are brainwashed about several things and then we spend our entire lives on the bases of these myths. Some of them are really crude, totally sacred and rude by way for the young generation. These myths are basically the traditional stories which are linked with our religions, culture and in the society where we live. People transfer these myths from generation to generation which helps the kids to build their view about the world in which they are going to spend their entire lives. The reader will find the answer to various questions such as Cronus is the ones who like to eat babies? Does the Isis have bad feelings for jewellery? Sekhmet is the only power who saved the entire whole Egyptian universe. Hindus think this universe is being led by a married couple who are delaying the doom due to certain parties. One will find the answer to all these myths in the eye of the modern world.

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