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We by Yevgeny Zamyatin is a thriller, history, science fiction and adventure novel in which the people are trying everything just to protect their world. Yevgeny Zamyatin is the author of this classic novel. There is One State, they conquer the world before a thousand years ago and living on it. The survivors are there in the city of steel and glass, which are enclosed by a big Green Wall. The outside of the wall, there are no traces of life and two hundred years ago a big fight takes place there. All the place is forbidden and dangerous for them to live. The city is designed by the citizens by utilizing the mass surveillance. The secret police are there, who is watching everything and they are responsible for tolerance. Their individual behaviors are very unique and different, they name each other with formulas and equations. This was the strategy to keep the security tight and make their place safe from attack. There is a man whose name is D-503, he is a scientist by profession and now working on the project of spacecraft integral. If this project went successful, they will attack other places and expand their territory. He has a girlfriend 0-90 and making love time by time. There is an emotional scene when he hears she can’t have babies. One day he meets with another lady, fall in love and has sex with her as well. This makes her first girlfriend angry and things start changing from here.

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