Untouchables by Narendra Jadhav


Untouchables Book Summary

Untouchables is the memorial, history and social sciences book which contains the life stories of the author and his family by living in India. Narendra Jadhav is the author of this stunning book. According to a survey, every six human lives in India and every six Indian is untouchable. These untouchable belongs to the bottom costs of the Hindus and they are living the miserable life over the thousands of years. They are treated as the subhuman and they have no rights of living in the society. Dalits are voiceless and they are just humiliated every time among the others. The author writes down his own story which includes his struggles along with his family. There is no one to protect their rights and they are voiceless whenever their family is tortured. They are not just alone in the country and there are millions of other Dalits who are facing such difficulties in their life. He shares the stories from his father diaries, how they manage to survive in the cruel world where they did not even get the space of sleep and eat. Whenever they try to push their lives forward, they are hit by the strong opposing force. Their lives are full of brutal abuse, perpetual fear, hunger, and cruel humiliations. The main purpose of the author is to describe the hard life of Dalits and their insecurities in the life. They are also human and they also need the equality.

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