There’s A Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom by Louis Sachar

There’s A Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom

There’s A Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom Book Summary

There’s A Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom is the literature, humor, teen and fiction novel which plot the story of a young kid. Louis Sachar is the author of this stunning novel. Bradley Chalkers is the oldest kid in his fifth grade. He is different from other kids and teachers are almost fed with his tricking. Bradley uses all of his minds in irritating his class fellows and mostly he found fighting with girls. His mind is full of stories and tells enormous lies to other kids. He did not have best friend and kid’s first priority is to stay away from him. His parents told him thousands of time to be good with everyone but he does not listen to anyone. One day he asks a girl, give me 1 dollar otherwise he is going to spit on her. He stole the copies from student’s bag and shuffle their bags. Whenever anything bad happens in the class then all fingers point on him. There is not a single kid or teacher who likes him except a new counselor name Carla. She joins school from last week and she sees something good in him. Carla carefully listens his fetched stories and she has a feeling that he can be normal like other kids. She just has to try and Bradley will prove her right.

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