the witch doesn’t burn in this one by Amanda Lovelace

the witch doesn’t burn in this one

the witch doesn’t burn in this one Book Summary

the witch doesn’t burn in this one is the amazing poetry book in which authors tells the struggle of women in the poetry and talks about their empowerment. Amanda Lovelace and Iadybookmad is the author of this impressive book. She writes about the women with her open heart and there is nothing which she has not written for them. According to her, women are the magic, they have the strong abilities and qualities which are enough to change the world. There is no need for their protection just gave them the freedom of doing things. She has the talent to beat their opponents in every field of their life. No one can judge them on their weak bodies. They are dedicated to the determination and the power of doing everything they want to do. The things women needs is only freedom and chance to make her decision on their own and no one have the influence to take responsibility for these matters. If you can support them, support them for good reason instead of degrading them. This is the modern world, everyone has the right to live according to his/her way and we are not supposed to stop her. There are enemies who wanted to oppress and judge you, but you have to be strong in all conditions.

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