The Great Gats by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The Great Gats

The Great Gats Book Summary

The Great Gatsby is one of the best and life-changing novels of all time. F. Scott Fitzgerald is the author of this novel. F. Scott was one of the major American writers of the twentieth century. He lived his life as a romantic, equally capable of great dedication to his craft and reckless squandering of his artistic capital. His writings are insightful and stylistically brilliant; today he is admired both as a social chronicler and a remarkably gifted artist. In this novel, the story begins with Nick moving to West Egg, the rich part of Long Island. Nick wants to learn more on the upcoming industry of stock trading. He finds out that he is living next door to the mysterious, rich philanthropist, Jay Gatsby. Nick has his connections of the East Egg and he begins to gain trust with his cousin, Daisy, who lives there. Nick is told of the magnificent parties that are held at Mr. Gatsby’s house. Within the month he is invited to Mr. Gatsby’s and he soon becomes friends with him. Gatsby meets Jordan and recalls the love they had before the war and they begin to see each other again. Tom, Daisy’s husband, begins to be suspicious of the time that Daisy is spending with Gatsby. Even though Tom has an extramarital affair, he claims that he loves Daisy. In addition, Daisy admits that she loves Gatsby.

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