The Girl Across the Street by Vikki Patis

The Girl Across the Street

The Girl Across the Street Book Summary

The Girl Across the Street is the fiction, suspense, thriller, literature and mystery novel which plot the story of a young couple. Vikki Patis is the author of this fantastic novel. Isla and Jake are married from two years but they are not satisfied with their marriage. The people think they are the happiest couple in the whole town but in reality, they are not. Isla is a beautiful girl with perfect skin colour and tall hairs. She belongs to a rich family and her parents fulfil all of her wishes since she born. Isla wants everything perfect and expensive in her life like shoes, clothes, house, car and tidy style. Jake is a mature guy who loves his wife more than his life. They both love each other but still, they are struggling in their married life. Jake belongs to a middle-class family but now he is earning enough money to take care of her wife. But the difference in their class is still a hurdle which doesn’t let them understand and get closer to each other. One day, while coming back home, Isla has a serious accident which totally changed her life. Her future lies on the hands of Beth, who knows the exact condition and trauma of Isla. She is the witnessed of midnight accident but one thing for sure that Beth will never do anything which risks Isla’s life. What happened in the accident and why Jake is missing from town?

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