The Future of Capitalism by Paul Collier

The Future of Capitalism

The Future of Capitalism Book Summary

The Future of Capitalism is the economics, sciences and politics guide which discusses the future of capitalism in terms of pros and cons. Paul Collier is the author of this remarkable book. This book lists all the major pros and cons of capitalism along with its future in upcoming years. Before going into further details we have to know about capitalism. It’s a political and economic system in which country trade is handled by private companies and they are the owners of its profit or loss. There is no involvement of government in the decision making processes. Innovation becomes encouraged among the industries and they put more effort to have a better competition. It prevents the large bureaucratic government to become part of it. There are some cons as well which makes its future doubtful. It leads things towards large inequality with different monopolies. The external pressure can damage the performance of these companies. Capitalism does not give them equal opportunities to poor guys as compared to rich. Apart from this, it provides the freedom to make their own choices while doing business. It creates the economy which is used to relay on consumption. The business needs are always on the top as compared to the need of individuals. American is happy to adopt the culture and other countries are looking forward on it.

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