The Eight By Katherine Neville PDF by Katherine Neville

The Eight By Katherine Neville PDF

The Eight By Katherine Neville PDF Book Summary

The Eight By is the mystery, literature, fiction and history novel which plot the story of a young woman who is travelling to Algeria for a job. Katherine Neville is the author of this stunning novel. Cat Velis is the young woman who is travelling to Algeria. The girl is a computer expert and she knows how to finish the task. When she finally ready to go on an old mysterious person asks her to search the pieces of chess. These pieces are missing for years and nobody knows where they are. Cat Velis confused after hearing about the chess pieces and does not know how to respond. There are different challenges in her life already and she is not interesting to have another in her life. She has a dream to become a computer expert and it makes her happy to perform the different tasks on the computer. The two sisters are living in the small town of southern France in the year 1790. These two girls know about these historical and valuable pieces of the chest. They hide these pieces for almost last four years and they know how effective these chess pieces are in their lives. These pieces have the power to change the game upside down against the opponents. Cat hears something mysterious while working on her office. The old woman is guiding someone to the casino where the bet is on.

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