The Age of Revolution by Eric Hobsbawm

The Age of Revolution

The Age of Revolution Book Summary

The Age of Revolution is the history, political sciences and humanities book which tells us about the human revolution in the ninetieth century. Eric Hobsbawm is the author of this informative book. He was the professor in history and also known as due to his social research. This is clearly a masterpiece by the author. Eric describes each and everything in details which makes our life better today. The industrial revolution takes the big move in the last century and it changes our lives. There are basically two revolutions at the same time first is industrial and second is the French revolution. Our economic system gets better due to the industrial and political system makes its road through the French revolution. The book is divided into various sections by covering different topics. You will not only find the content related to economic and political view but also for sciences and arts. There are various interesting topics in which the reader will find out about the modern sciences and when they all born. It contains the complete history of organic chemistry, social sciences and geology. The book shares the story of mathematician Evariste Galois and readers will find it interesting. You will also learn about capitalism which starts spreading in the last days. In last, this is the great book which is necessary to read for everyone whether he/she is the student of history or not. You can also Download The Age of Empire by Eric Hobsbawm PDF.

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