Soul in Darkness by Wendy Higgins

Soul in Darkness

Soul in Darkness Book Summary

Soul in Darkness is the suspense, literature, thriller, fiction and fantasy novel which plot the story of the beautiful princess and the God of love. Wendy Higgins is the author of this fantastic novel. Everyone in the country praises the beauty of Princess Psyche. People came from far away to see the glimpse of her beauty and she is a beautiful girl from inside as well. She is a kind-hearted princess who never hurt anybody in her entire life. The princess daily receives hundreds of gifts and she donates all of them to the poor people. There are different gods who are watching people doing different things. Cupid is the god of love who takes pleasure when people love each other. But he uses love as his weapon, plays with the weaknesses and feelings of people. He was planning to execute the most beautiful princess in the earth. Cupid is kind of jealous of her. When his mother knew about the plan of Cupid, Venus straight away stops his son from doing this. She does not want anyone to hurt and especially from Cupid as he is the god love. The princess got the punishment from the god of love to lay down her eyes when he will come to visit her in the darkness.

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