Oxford Discover 6 Student Book by Bourke Kenna

Oxford Discover 6 Student Book

Oxford Discover 6 Student Book Book Summary

Oxford Discover 6 Student Book is the science and physics book which tells the reader about the secrets of earth that how it came into being. Bourke Kenna is the author of this exciting book. The reader will find the answers to various questions which are always been a mystery for humanity. Right from the beginning of our education we hear and learn different theories of how the earth came into being and what it is made of? According to latest research earth formed almost 4.54 billion years ago. The earth is made up different elements such as rocks which are full of silicon, aluminium, iron, and magnesium. There are various things which make earth a living planet for the creature. Water and oxygen are the most essential part to live. They are totally free for living beings and we don’t need to pay for them. Why do we like symmetry, one of the most frequent questions asked in the modern world? After decades of research, the scientist proves that people find the sexual attraction more in symmetrical faces as compare to asymmetrical faces. Our minds are programmed to like symmetrical things in our lives. How the language develops and how it helps us to communicate with one another. Why language is considered as the main factor in the development of any country. How learning different languages helps us to become more sharp and intelligent? The book delivers the answers in the most satisfying way.

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