Lady Killers by T. Telfer

Lady Killers

Lady Killers Book Summary

“Lady Killers: Deadly women throughout history” is the brilliant and wonderful book about history on the most notorious female serial killers, their crimes and their sentences.T. Telfer is the author of this book. In this book, the author explains the compelling compendium features of female serial killers throughout history. It is a very talented writer with a wicked sense of humor that helps make this book a joy to read. This book is very helpful when researching about female serial killers. It is a wonderfully entertaining book that elevates true crime gore with witty feminist insights. This book has a lot of positives messages. The author gives you a brief over of the various female serial killers who did catch, and who in some cases might have gotten away with it. This is to show how society functioned and in part, it is to show how women worked around society while being bitches. Women killers and especially women serial killers are not considered very reasonable in our society mind. The book opens with the most disturbing and probably most famous murderers, Elizabeth Bathory. This is an entertaining book and broadly explores the lives and motives of several female serial killers. The author explains that society is always trying to rationalize why some women kill insanity, revenge, abuse. The plot is fascinating and well written. We would highly recommend this book for anyone who is interested in killing stories book.

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