I Killed Adolf Hitler by Jason

I Killed Adolf Hitler

I Killed Adolf Hitler Book Summary

I Killed Adolf Hitler is the science fiction, thriller, violence, and fantasy novel in which a serial killer get a job to kill the Adolf Hitler. Jason is the author of this marvelous novel. This is a mysterious town, where the hitman is a common job and people love to do it. Kim is the main protagonist of the story and he is currently having some issues with his girlfriend. There are various other challenges in his life but he is still busy in his dissatisfied relationship. He is doing a boring job and his boss attitude is very annoying for him. One day, a mysterious person came to meet him and he offers the job to kill the Adolf Hitler. Kim is confused how it will possible when Hitler is already dead five decades ago. There are several questions he wanted to ask but he agrees to kill Hitler. The suspicious man told him about the time machine, this machine will take him back to the time of Hitler and Kim has to accomplish the mission on his own. Kim is mentally ready to go on the mission and now he is in the Hitler’s territory. All the things are same as he read once in the history book. He is hired to kill the Hitler then what happened which totally changes his mind? Will he kill the Hitler or not? This book also contains the illustrations and graphics, the reader will surely enjoy reading it.

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