How to Solve It by R. G. Dromey

How to Solve It

How to Solve It Book Summary

The “How to Solve It by Computer: Prentice-Hall International Series in Computer Science” is all about the solving the problems. R. G. Dromey is the guy behind this book. There are various lessons and techniques which train students how to tackle the problems they are facing in the programming. It includes the math exercises which help the student to build their logic and prepare their mind for upcoming programming questions. This book covers all the programming syllabus which starts with the introduction of computer science. It includes the examples of recursive algorithms and factoring methods which are the basic programs to build your logic. Afterward, there are different techniques of Array which is the most fundamental concept and array ease the effort of the programmer. Instead of written hundreds of lines, programmers apply the same functionality in minimum lines of codes through it. The book contains the lessons of various algorithms such as sorting, searching and merging algorithms. All the algorithms are explained with full examples even slow learner can pick the idea from them. In last, there are the concepts of the data structure which introduce the concepts of Stack, Queue, and Dequeue along with Push and Pop. Apart from its knowledge it also teaches how to think about building logic and how to start your program. You can also Download A Shortcut Through Time by George Johnson PDF.

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