Hints For Self Culture by Lala Har Dayal

Hints For Self Culture

Hints For Self Culture Book Summary

Hints For Self Culture is the remarkable self-development guide which tells people about personal growth and the principles which make him encouraging the person in the society. Lala Har Dayal is the author of this remarkable book. There are four different stages in men’s life which set the whole personality of us. These four aspects are consist of Self Aesthetic, Intellectual, Ethical and Physical appearance. With the help of these four aspects of human personality both in men and women, the author describes the rationalism of different countries around the world. The above mentioned four aspects of human life will help you to become a well-civilized citizen in society. Aesthetic means when a person fined interests in look and feel of the things around him. He sees positive things in nature and lives in the present moment. Intellectual is always related to mind and those people will know as highly intellectual who has deep thinking. It generates creative thinking, reasoning, concept formation, and problem-solving skills. This quality leads a good life and has a better relationship with peoples near them. A country and society will progress when people living there have moral values. They don’t break promises, don’t lies and people trust each other. Living a better life in the world also needs a healthy body. According to the author, if any society’s people have these qualities they will be on the top of the world.

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