Fugitive Six by Pittacus Lore

Fugitive Six

Fugitive Six Book Summary

Fugitive Six is the fantasy, fiction, thriller, suspense and mystery novel which plot the story of a teenager girl who abducted by a deadly organization. Pittacus Lore is the author of this classic novel. Taylor Cook is different from other girls and she carries the supernatural powers with her. The world is under continues thread from aliens and they have already tried it several times to demolish earth. So the authorities on earth are trying their best to overcome an invasion of aliens by beating them. There are different children on the earth who own different powers and strengths. These powers really help to demolish the alien forces but these kid needs to polish their talent before they ready to face aliens. The Human Grade Academy is established to train the kids so they become useful in upcoming days. Taylor is also one of those kids who got stunning powers which are also known as legacies. She is new to this academy and the girl has no idea. The training was going well until someone kidnapped her. No one is answering where she is and now it totally depends on her friends what they do. While searching for clues they uncover the hidden organization which is working secretly and this organization is also behind the kidnapping of Taylor. There are a number of other teens who are kidnapped by the same organization and they are planning for something big.

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