From Anxiety to Love by Corinne Zupko

From Anxiety to Love

From Anxiety to Love Book Summary

From Anxiety to Love is the self-development book which tells the reader how to remove fear and anxiety from our lives. Corinne Zupko is the author of this life-transforming book. She also has a tough time in past by living her life under anxiety and depression. These are slow poisoning diseases which took the life of persons by killing them internally. In today’s modern world every one person out of ten is the victim of fear and anxiety. The life is another name of difficulties, struggles and it won’t let you sit in peace. Just like your real life, if you achieve anything but first you pay for it through hard work. Same is the case with yourself, if you did not take care of your emotions, feelings and happiness then you will be a patient of depression. This book focus to live a depression free life no matter how bad your day is. Struggling in life is the normal thing and there is no need to become upset if you try anything so hard but in the end, could not manage it. The opportunities are always there just be ready for them and move on. She shares the advance therapeutic processes and mindfulness meditations to overcome the stress and anxiety from our lives. These techniques help you to get inner peace and live a fearless life.

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