Endure by Alex Hutchinson


Endure Book Summary

Endure is the self-development book which tells shares the different tips and techniques to push harder in our life to accomplish big goals in our life. Alex Hutchinson is the author of this impressive book. This is the perfect guide which boost the human performance and enhance its qualities to do better in the game of life. It is helpful for the player, athlete, student, businessmen, and teachers and for those people who belongs to other professions. There are few examples of those people who brings the change in their lives and the entire world knows their name. While interviewing them, there is one thing common among them that they push the limitations which stops them to gain success. They find out their internal potentials. There is rocket science required to conquer your goals and live a fuller life. He shares the different technique to pull of your limitations and boundaries. These are the barriers which are created by you in your subconscious and later on they become the part of your life. These thought won’t allow to get out from your comfort zone, these thoughts will produce negativity whenever you set the goal and try to achieve it. Never set the limitations for yourself which stops to live a life which you richly deserve. Alex Hutchinson shares the story of Nike’s secret training project that how he break the record of two hour marathon race.

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