Connecting With Yourself by Vishal Jacob

Connecting With Yourself

Connecting With Yourself Book Summary

Connecting With Yourself is the neuroscience and psychology book which tells us the reason behind our decisions. Vishal Jacob is the author of this remarkable book. There are billions of people around the world and all of them are unique and everyone has a different life story. The people who listen to their inner voice and got the habit of self-talk are more likely to become successful in their lives. For knowing our self we must connect within. This book shows the real way of why we act, feel and think the way we do in our lives. It covers the concept of psychology and neuroscience by answering the mysterious questions. What is the reason behind that we all evaluate things differently in our lives? Why all humans learn things in different styles. What is the reason behind separated thinking and why we are designed differently from one another? How the habits form and why it is difficult to break them. What is the role of emotions in our lives and how they control our decisions? Why doing certain actions we become happy? What is the importance of people in our lives? Vishal Jacob gave the answers to all these questions in terms of psychology. The whole book is well written and described by the author.

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