Call of the Wraith by Call of the Wraith (The Blackthorn Key)

Call of the Wraith

Call of the Wraith Book Summary

Call of the Wraith is the literature, mystery, suspense, thriller and fiction novel which plot the story of a guy who lost his memory. Kevin Sands is the author of this remarkable novel. Christopher Rowe has nothing to describe himself as he lost his memory. He was traveling in shipwrecked in Devonshire when the incident happen. Christopher is completely desperate about himself and the people around him are strangers. He does not know any of the people and they are saying something which is unbelievable for him. According to villagers he was controlled by the hidden evil and there is a local witch who brings him into conscious. What’s his reality, where he was going and how all this happen, these are the questions but no one can answer them. The villagers are co-operative with him and they may help him to get on the track. After a few days, the children begin to disappear and no one knows whether they are dead or alive. A few decades ago, there was a witch knows as White Lady who stole the children and people are saying that she is back to the town. White Lady is stealing their children and they have to do something to save their kids. Christopher has unique talents and he can do the things which others can’t. He is befriended with Tom and Sally, they are nice to him and helping him to unleash his talent no matter his lost his memory. They are ready for the journey to find the truth of White Lady.

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