Bible Code II by Michael Drosnin

Bible Code II

Bible Code II Book Summary

Bible Code II is the religious, Bible, theology, spiritual and prediction book in which investigator encodes the verses of Torah and Bible. Michael Drosnin is the author of this remarkable book. He is the impressive mathematician and investigative reporter. Michael also has an interest in religion and he is a Christian by birth. Since his childhood, he wonders about the Holy Books which are sent by God. Bible is the book which is sent to prophet whom he follows. He has some gifts and he uses them quite well. Michael encoded the different verses of the Bible and some of them already happen. He believes, the Bible also has the future predictions and he successfully encodes a few verses. In his previous book, his future prediction came true which he got through encoded the verses of the Bible. He has a new hidden message to share with people and this time the incident will bring chaos in the whole world. Michael predicts that there will be an attack on the World Trade Center and this incident will cover the whole world. The prediction was made three-thousands-years ago and now Michael is telling to people after encoding them. He travels to meet with the world leaders to stop the war which is coming to them. Michael did his job by telling to people and now it depends on them.

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