All Marketers are Liars by Seth Godin

All Marketers are Liars

All Marketers are Liars Book Summary

All Marketers are Liars is the impressive business book which tells about the better marketing plans which win the hearts of your customers. Seth Godin is the author of this stunning novel. All the products in the world are running through advertisement. Every product in the market has some kind of story to tell and if they tell the story in which viewers believe, they will be successful in selling their products. Our mind believes that the quality thing always cost more. We believe the glass of the wine in 20$ is far better than the glass available in 1$. The same goes for the car, 80,000$ car is better than 30,000$ car, but the functionality insider is the same. There is a mindset which is built into our minds about the quality of the things we purchase. The Adidas sleeper which cost us 200$ is better for our feet than the local 20$ sleepers. We are the addict of the brands and we believe what we see in the advertisement. There is a secret inside, the successful marketers do not tell the features of the product, they tell the story, the story in which we believe. This book will tell you how to market the products in which people believe. The world is in a revolving stage and every day there is something new. You have to change your advertisement patterns as well. Always try to portrait the story which is easy to believe.

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