Age of Shiva by James Lovegrove

Age of Shiva

Age of Shiva Book Summary

Age of Shiva is the thriller, mystery, fantasy and fiction novel which tells the story of apocalypse happened in the ten avatars of Vishnu. James Lovegrove is the author of this classic novel. In Hindu triumvirate, Shiva is the third god of Hindus and there are two more gods in this triumvirate. They are Brahma and Vishnu, these gods are responsible for the creation, destruction, and upkeep of the world. Vishnu is one according to them who has created the universe. Shiva is the son of Brahma and Vishnu is the grandfather of Shiva. He married with two women and their names were Sati and Parvati. Shiva is the most powerful god even with his father and grandfather. There are various unique abilities in the Shiva which makes him superior to his forefathers. Once he drank the deadly poison which did not kill him but his skin turned into blue completely. He spends rest of his life in the blue skin but he does not lose his wisdom and power. There are rumors that Shiva married to Ganga but the history has not much for their relation to confirm. The author makes the perfect plot of ten avatars of Vishnu who came across each other for the power. Shiva is the main protagonist, favorite and best mover in the battlefield. All of them are fighting with each other and the future of earth is also on the edge.

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