Books by Vladimir Silva


Advanced Android 4 Games

Since their release, Android has progressed with the debut of Android 4.0, adding better fonts, new User Interface and Experience (UI/UX) APIs, tablet considerations, multi-touch capabilities, multi-tasking, faster performance, and much more to the Android game app development repertoire.


Pro Android Games

The “Pro Android Games (Books for Professionals by Professionals), 1st Edition” is an essential book for Android game developers. Vladimir Silva is the author of this game programming book. Vladimir holds a master’s degree in computer science from Middle Tennessee State University. He worked for four years at IBM as a research engineer, where he acquired extensive experience in distributed and grid computing research. In this book, Vladimir Silva guides the reader on how to build cool games like Space Blaster and the classic Asteroids from scratch on the latest Android platform. It is very helpful for those people who have enough patience to learn to make complex games for the android platform. With the help of this book, the reader will learn how to set up a Linux system for hybrid game compilation, how to combine Java and C code in an elegant manner by building a simple Java application. The reader will learn how to tackle pure Java gaming with two practical games, Space Blaster and the arcade classic Asteroids. To sum it up, Pro Android Games is a necessary book for Android developers interested in game application development.