Books by Rachel Andrew


The CSS3 Anthology, 4th Edition

The CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks is a compilation of best-practice solutions to the most challenging CSS problems. The fourth edition of this best-selling book has been completely revised and updated to cover newer techniques enabled by CSS3 and HTML5, and more recent trends in web design, such as responsive design.


Everything You Know About CSS Is Wrong

The “Everything You Know About CSS Is Wrong!: Change the Way You Use CSS Forever, 1st Edition” is a great book of CSS that making old hacks and workarounds a distant memory. Rachel Andrew and Kevin Yank are the authors of this book. Rachel Andrew is a director of web-solutions provider She has written numerous programming books and all of them are worth to read. Her book engages all the reader from start to end of the page. Everything You Know About CSS Is Wrong shows a way of using CSS to format HTML page layout in a logical and straightforward manner, using an approach in CSS that simulates the old table-based approaches of the pre-CSS era. With the help of this book, the reader will learn how to start taking full advantage of Internet Explorer 8 using the latest techniques. You will learn how to take CSS tables to the limit and beyond. It will help the reader to rediscover what you first loved about CSS. To know more about CSS, read this informative book.