Books by Patrick Alessi


Professional iOS Database Application Programming, 2nd Edition

Whether you’re a novice or experienced developer, you will want to dive into this updated resource on database application programming for the iPhone and iPad. Packed with more than 50 percent new and revised material – including completely rebuilt code, screenshots, and full coverage of new features pertaining to database programming and enterprise integration in iOS 6 – this must-have book intends to continue the precedent set by the previous edition by helping thousands of developers master database application programming.


Beginning iOS Game Development

Want to start writing games for the iPhone and iPad, but you’re new to iOS development? This book provides the starting point. No matter your experience level with iOS programming, this beginner’s guide covers the technologies you need to know to get started creating fun iOS games. The coverage begins with the tools you’ll need, including Xcode and Interface Builder, then gives you a tutorial in C and Objective-C, the languages you’ll need to develop for iOS. Then you’ll learn how to use the Cocoa Foundation framework and the Model-View-Controller architecture. Once you have the foundation in place, you’ll move on to the libraries you need to add graphics, animation and sound, control user interaction, and even allow players to play head-to-head across a network. Learning how to create games should be nearly as much fun as playing them, so this book offers a complete, playable game in nearly every chapter. Each game is created in simple, easy-to-understand parts, building to a full game by chapter’s end. Author Patrick Alessi explains all the code line-by-line so you’ll always know exactly what you’re building.


Professional iPhone and iPad Database Application Programming

“Professional iPhone and iPad Database Application Programming” is a wonderful book written on iPhone application programming. Patrick Alessi is the author of this book who is also a great programmer. This book guides readers through all the necessary steps for integrating an iPhone app within an existing enterprise. The first few chapters of the book are most helpful for beginners. Author covered the hottest topics like introducing data-driven applications, iPhone and iPad database management, displaying the data: The UITableView, iPad interface elements, introducing core data, modeling data in Xcode, building a core data application, core data-related cocoa features, core data migration and performance, working with XML on the iPhone and integrating with web service. Experienced iPhone developers can learn how to take advantage of the built-in capabilities of the iPhone to confidently implement a data-driven application for the iPhone with this book. In short, if you are looking for best iPhone programming book then we highly recommend you “Professional iPhone and iPad Database Application Programming by Patrick Alessi”.