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Core PHP Programming, 3rd Edition

Core PHP Programming, Third Edition is the authoritative guide to the new PHP 5 for experienced developers. Top PHP developer Leon Atkinson and PHP 5 contributor/Zend Engine 2 co-creator Zeev Suraski cover every facet of real-world PHP 5 development, from basic syntax to advanced object-oriented development — even design patterns! It’s all here: networking, data structures, regular expressions, math, configuration, graphics, MySQL/PostgreSQL support, XML, algorithms, debugging, optimization…and 650 downloadable code examples, with a Foreword by PHP 5 contributor and Zend Engine 2 co-creator Andi Gutmans!


Core PHP Programming

The “Core PHP Programming (3rd Edition)” is a great book on PHP. Leon Atkinson and Zeev Suraski are the authors of this book. Leon Atkinson is a freelance Web developer and architect who has been working with PHP since 1997. He formerly served as chief technologist for Clear Ink in Walnut Creek, where he specialized in designing and implementing complex, PHP-based Web applications. In this book, the authors guide the reader about PHP in-depth. PHP is a server-side scripting language and it is used to develop dynamic and static websites and Web applications. PHP is an easy programming language to master for people just starting to learn to program. At the beginning of the book the authors cover the basics of PHP. As they move towards more advanced topics there is less explanation and a tighter packing of information. At the same time, the book has a large number of small code examples throughout, making sure that you know how to use the functions under discussion. I recommend this book to everyone, who wants to be an expert in PHP programming. To sum it up, Core PHP Programming is a necessary book for the newbies of PHP students.