Books by Krzysztof Wesolowski


Mobile Communication Systems

Mobile communication systems have become one of the hottest areas in the field of telecommunications and it is predicted that within the next decade a considerable number of connections will become partially or completely wireless. Rapid development of the Internet with its new services and applications has created fresh challenges for the further development of mobile communication systems. This volume presents an easy to follow overview of such systems ranging from introductory material through to a thorough system description. aeo Provides the necessary background information on digital communication systems, such as speech and channel coding, digital modulations (including OFDM) and basic access protocols aeo Presents the properties of a mobile radio channel and describes mobile radio propagation models aeo Explains the concept of cellular systems and their design aeo Covers GSM and IS–95 and reviews paging systems, first generation cellular systems, wireless telephony, trunking systems and wireless local loops aeo Features HSCSD, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS and WLAN technologies aeo Includes an introduction to smart antennas The extensive scope of Mobile Communication Systems ensures it will be a valuable reference for communication students and engineers wishing to learn about every aspect of this fascinating and fast evolving field.