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The Official Joomla! Book

The Official Joomla! Book is the authoritative and comprehensive Joomla! reference for every administrator, developer, designer, and content manager. Distilling the unsurpassed experience of two long-time Joomla! contributors, it teaches exactly what you need to know, through practical example sites and crystal-clear explanations.


The Official Joomla!

“The Official Joomla! (2nd Edition) (Joomla! Press)” is an informative book that reveals about Joomla. Jennifer Marriott and Elin Waring are the authors of this book. Jennifer Marriott owns Marpo Multimedia a web development and design company located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. This book engages all the reader from start to end of the page. The Official Joomla!, 2nd Edition is the comprehensive book for every administrator, designer, developer, and content manager. Joomla is a free open source website development and content management platform. With the help of this book, you will learn how to quickly create usable, effective sites and how to make your sites more flexible and visually attractive. Furthermore, this updated second edition book covers everything from installation to usability, templates to extensions. After reading this book, the reader will learn how to plan sites effectively before you start building them. how to create production sites quickly while avoiding common mistakes, how to customize and work with Joomla! Templates and create a basic template. The authors explain each key concept conversationally that will help you to make your site confidently. To sum it up, The Official Joomla! is a great book for all the computer science students.