World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft Book Summary

World of Warcraft is the entertainment, fantasy, comics and graphic novel which takes the reader back in the ancient time when demons rule the world. BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT is behind this incredible story. Medivh is the main protagonist and there are some other strong characters. He is a man with dark secrets and there are only a few people who know about his reality. His childhood friend knows everything and Lord Lothar is the only person he trusts. Although his plans and secrets are horrible he always stands with his friend. Now, they are secretly planning to fight with Burning Legion and with their alliances. The battleground will be set on Azeroth and they are prepared for it. Medivh does not know the people from others planets are secretly observing his activities. Garona Halforcen is hired to know the recent plans of Medivh and she is working as a servant in his palace. Khadgar is also there to find out the secrets of Medivh. He was hired by the council of Dalaran. After knowing his past and future plans, he has to go back to the council and tell them the war is coming. Medivh is unaware of all those activities and preparing for war secretly. He has a plan to demolish all the states nearby but they are ready to overthrow him. Will he get back after losing his most army or fight until winning?

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