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UNLIKEABLE is the politics, humanities and social sciences book in which the author shares the facts of Harry Clinton in American politics. Edward Klein is the author of this outstanding book. He is a writer and editor in the New York Times. This book is all about the expose of Hillary Clinton and how she made the decision which is not taken by her. The Clintons started their politics since 1988 when Bill Clinton give his first speech on the presidential run of Michael Dukakis. This speech was half hour long but he wins the heart of everyone. After this event, Bill Clinton begins to famous in the party and after the scandal of Gennifer Flowers, everything went wrong. This scandal brings his wife Hilary Clinton into politics. She was standing with her husband and did not let him down in the media trial. Now Hillary is the third member from Clinton’s family who is in the run for the white house. She knows there is no one except her in the party who will be appointed to this position. The public likes her when it comes to passion and personal persona. There is a big difference in both husband and wife, Bill is more charming and she is the kind of woman who is self-deprecating. The media plays a weird role in her politics. She never has any media trial no matter how harsh and non-sense she becomes. Her scandals do not get coverage from the media and there is do not a single talk show.

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