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This Splintered Silence

This Splintered Silence Book Summary

This Splintered Silence is the fantasy, thriller, literature and fiction novel which describe the story of space station’s Captain Lindley Hamilton. Kayla Olson is the author of this classic novel. Lindley is the new captain of space station Lusca. This spaceship carrying the members of first-generation and her mother is also with her in the station. She is appointed as the new captain of Lusca and the previous captain was killed due to a deadly virus. There are different rumours about the death of commander but no one knows what exactly is happened. She has a dream to become the Captain of Lusca and now it’s finally happened. Lindley never thought this will happened so quickly and she was not even prepared for it. She has thought it will be the easiest job to do but the reality is quite different. There is a number of issues which she meets daily and she has to overcome all of them. The people in the Lusca are struggling to survive every day but they have to make the things going on the right path. They are running from different challenges which include the lack of food and struggling to communicate with the people of earth. There are some members from the second generation are dying and it appears some kind of deadly virus behind this. Lindley is in more pressure than ever and did not know what to do next. The people are still dying, they are dying by a virus or somebody is behind all the game?

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