The Time Machine by H. G. Wells

The Time Machine

The Time Machine Book Summary

The Time Machine by H. G. Wells PDF is science fiction, mystery and tragedy novel which plots the story of time travelers who are out in the mission. H. G. Wells is the author of this classy novel. There is a Victorian who worked hard and manages to build the Time Travel Machine. This machine allows him to travel anywhere around the world in the past. The machine not only allows him to go in the past but also in forward. He decided to go forward into the unknown world which seems to be beautiful in future perspective Inventor take off and land into the 802,701 year where he begins the encounter on planet Earth, the humanoids descendants. All the process looks simple and cool, he rescued the young girl name Weena. They both befriended in little time and later on, he finds his machine has been stolen. This is an alarming situation for him to find his machine in the dark kingdom. The world he landed from his machine is very different to which he leaves behind. The author takes the readers into the fantasy world where he describes plenty of other adventures happens. He also gives the courage to research more on time traveling and that’s the future which we are looking for.

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