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Spirals in Time

Spirals in Time Book Summary

Spirals in Time is the biology, science and Marine book which tells the reader about the history of seashells. Helen Scales is the author of this informative book. It is an exciting cultural biography book which dips deep in the seashells. She discusses all the aspects of this fascinating creature who is uplifting the beauty of nature from so long. The author touches the mathematical principles which are applied by nature on seashells. There is big science behind the food, gems, medicines and colours from seashells. The family of Mollusca are one of those animals who is benefiting the humanity from ancient years. Their shells are the main source of homes for other animals. The people used these shells as the form of money and trinkets. They are popular among the nations as powerful symbols like death, war and prestige etc. The world came into being from millions of years and this species somehow manage to survive in this long journey. They provide a proficient way to reconnect with nature and understand how beautiful the world is. These seashells came out through molluscs which are consists of oysters, clams and mussels. Mostly they are made of calcium carbonate and excreted from the outer side. They are considered one of the most beautiful creators of the seaside.

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