Six Thinking Hats by Edward De Bono

Six Thinking Hats

Six Thinking Hats Book Summary

Six Thinking Hats is the imposing business book which includes the six strategies to help the reader to grow his business. Edward de Bono is the guy behind this book. The success in your thinking and ultimate approach towards the goal. A lot of people did not get the final decision of what to do next due to confusion. Confusion is a disease in business which can be cure through clear-cut thinking. We are trying to do multiple things in a single time. While making the decision we are using our information, emotions, logic, and hope at once. This approach towards decision making did not let you to make an effective decision. The author shares the six different techniques while making the decision. White Hat is an approach which revolves around with facts and figures which base on objective and neutral thinking. There is no addition of emotions, hope and risk. Red Hat thinking includes the emotional view while making the decision. Black Hat thinking determine the risk while making any kind of decision and focus to cautious and careful while making decision. Yellow Hat is for change in your behavior which brings the positivist in yourself and you will able to make positive decisions. Green Hat helps you in generating new ideas, fertile growth and creativity. These approaches will help you become a good thinker in all kind of situations.

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