Promise of the Wolves by Dorothy Hearst

Promise of the Wolves

Promise of the Wolves Book Summary

The promise of the Wolves by Dorothy Hearst is an exciting novel which contains the story of mix-blooded young wolf in a long time ago. Dorothy Hearst is the author of this classic novel. The author is very passionate to write about the wolves and wolves are loyal as dogs according to her ideology. She is been thinking to write about since from ten years and here it comes. 14,000 years ago in Southern Europe, there born the girl wolf name as Kaala. She is born by mixed-blood with some unique qualities. Her mother was exiled from the group. She is small and a lot of things she wanted to do. Kaala struggles so hard to keep herself in her place in the pack. One day, she see a human girl is drowning in the river she saves her life and taking her out. She became the friends with them and start hunting with them. Kaala realizes that she is very attracted to humans and this is disgusting for other wolves in her pack. Suddenly, there comes the big chaos which leads to the war among the wolves and humans. Kaala believes there is some way to stop this war. She is confused to choose a side in the war, she got friends on both sides. What happens next? You have to read for it.

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