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Presence is the remarkable psychology and self-help guide which shares the different tips to achieve the presence of mind. Amy Cuddy is the author of this impressive book. It is a fine book which is translated into thirty-four languages. She is a professor at Harvard University and remarkable social psychology. She also studies nonverbal behavior and describes in the book how it works. In this beginning of the book, the author asks a few intriguing questions. Have you ever left any never shaking challenge and right after you wished to go in the same position again? It can also happen after a difficult conversation, job interview or someone make fun of you among others. The moment we have to become brave and genuine but we lack confidence and feel powerless. Have fear to speak in front of people and especially on the stage. Almost we spend all of over lives in thinking to speak again while going back to any particular state. Why this happens and how to achieve the presence of mind which you imagine just after the conversion. This kind of life only brings anxiety, depression, and regret. Amy shares a way through which any person can easily achieve presence. It is just a state of mind in which we remove all kind of fears about people we have in our subconscious. The book contains useful techniques and strategies to become a person you imagine.

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