On the Far Side of the Mountain by Jean Craighead George

On the Far Side of the Mountain

On the Far Side of the Mountain Book Summary

On the Far Side of the Mountain is the thriller, adventure, mystery and suspense novel which plot the story of a young boy who left his home. Jean Craighead George is the author of this classy novel. It’s been two years since Sam is living in the Catskill Mountains. He left home when things become out of his control. His family is living in New York City and he has a younger sister. They both love each other and are good friends. Alice misses her brother but she did not where he is. The atmosphere of the home is not likely for Alice as well. She also has an option to get vanished but she did not know where to go. One night she found someone in the terrace. He is not any thief except his own brother. They both are happy to see each other after two years. Alice was a stubborn girl and she wanted to live with her brother. They both leave the house to not come again. It’s the first of Alice outside the home but she has no worries as his brother is there. Their peaceful life devastated when an officer confiscates Sam’s falcon. When he returned to his place Alice was not there. He leaves the place to find out his sister and falcon both. Sam does not know by marching forward he will risk his life as well.

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