Myth and Ritual In Christianity by Alan Watts

Myth and Ritual In Christianity

Myth and Ritual In Christianity Book Summary

Myth and Ritual In Christianity is the spiritual and religious guide which highlight the various rituals and myths in the modern perspective. Alan Watts is the author of this incredible book. Myth and rituals are the central part of every religion. They are the important components of every religious practice which keeps the religion alive. Both of them reunite and they are treated differently by the scholars. When we try to figure out the direct relation between them then there are different controversies. The most important fact about myth is that it does not stand alone but it is somehow attached to rituals. There are many rituals in religion which transform their self from myths. The author shares the various examples like Easter and Christmas among Christians, Passover among Jews and different events other religions. Christianity is the world largest religion in the world and over 2.1 billion people are Christians. This religion base on the teaching of Jesus Christ. The author shares the process in which he shows how myths transform into rituals after a certain period of time and then people make it the part of their religion. Alan Watts shares his perspective about wisdom in a delightful way.

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