How to Be a Footballer by Peter Crouch

How to Be a Footballer

How to Be a Footballer Book Summary

How to Be a Footballer is the memoir, football and sports book which shares the tips to play football and the views of world international player about playing football. Peter Crouch is the author of this exciting book. You can easily become footballer if you love to play football. The first rule is to devote yourself to the game. Passion will automatically lead you to become a player which you ever wanted to. It helps you to remove the negative emotions, fear, and feelings from inside. Find out the realities of world-class players and train yourself as they did. Without strong commitment, you can’t become a successful player in the world. Know the science of playing sports by reading books and watching football matches. Learn the different tricks to deceive the opponent players. Training is the best way to build yourself and as a soccer player, you have to train yourself physically as well. Improve your reflexes, dribble skills and practice your favorite moves daily. Don’t get worried about the results just play the natural game and that’s it. Get yourself organized and participate in regional teams and different clubs. Playing matches with different players and especially with good players will improve your game instantly. The author also shares the inside stories of football like a dressing room and the relation in the team. Which kind of players refuses to play before the match? What are the views of world number 1 player Cristiano Ronaldo?

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