Every Last Word by Stone Tamara Ireland

Every Last Word

Every Last Word Book Summary

Every Last Word is teens, relationship, psychology, thriller and fiction novel which plot the story of a teenager school girl. Stone Tamara Ireland is the author of this remarkable book. Samantha is behaving just like normal girls in the school but deep inside no one knows what she is going on too. She put a lot of makeup on her face and straightened hair. Sam was actually suffering from an obsessive-compulsive disorder in which a person becomes the victim of reoccurring thoughts, behaviours, anxiety or discomfort. She does not know how to deal with it and her face tells what she is up to. Every day she struggles in school and home both. Sam always cared about her friends and they did not about the illness. In these days Sam befriended by a girl Caroline is the school. She feels more comfortable with her and shares her routines with her. Sam likes her company and she was the first whom she can talk about herself. She tells about her weekly visit to a psychiatrist. Caroline was the one who first introduces her with the Poet’s Corner, it was the hidden place in which the group of misfits comes to see each other. Sam was excited to be the part of them and most importantly a guy who was playing the guitar. Here she discovers a harsh secret which questions her sanity.

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