Brief Answers to the Big Questions by Stephen Hawking

Brief Answers to the Big Questions

Brief Answers to the Big Questions Book Summary

Brief Answers to the Big Questions is the science book which tells the reader about the mysteries of our planet. Stephen Hawking is the author of this informative book. He is the well-renewed scientist after the Einstein in the history of physics. He reveals the hidden facts related to cosmology and physics. There are millions of students who are interesting to find out the origin of this universe and what makes it life-friendly. Origin of nature and black holes are one of the hottest topics in his books and he writes them amazingly. He is stunning throughout his career but unfortunately, in the last two years, he suffers from terrifying prognosis. Stephen Hawking did not end his struggle and continue his teaching and research while communicating through facial muscles. He lived an inspirational life throughout his career. According to Stephen, science plays a greater role in the existing of the universe and there’s went any problem it can create the dangerous situation for the whole universe. There are plenty of new challenges are waiting for humans to overcome such as climate change, interfacial intelligence and the threat of nuclear world war. The readers will find the answer to some of the questions like can we colonize space? Find out the interesting debates and explanation on the existing of God and infinity of humans.

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