Beautiful Chaos by Drake Robert

Beautiful Chaos

Beautiful Chaos Book Summary

Beautiful Chaos is the poetry, literature and fiction book which is based on little poems and gives the awareness on cons of chaos in our daily life. Drake Robert is the author of this remarkable poetry book. This book is filled with plenty of short poems which discusses social issues. The main focus of the book is on the chaos that how it paralyzed our society and especially the young generation. Everyone is in hurry to perform his/her duties and running towards the same thing. We meet dozens of strangers daily but we were not able to make a real connection with them which is full of loyalty and respect forever. Where does lack and why people do not care for each other. We hear hundreds of voices daily but none of them is capable enough to change our mind. The young generation only responds to those things which distract them from the right path. In case, if there are positive people who want us to change but we actually don’t want to. This is the harsh reality of this modern world in which people have the latest technology in their pockets but they are unaware of moral values. We have to learn those patterns which leads us to make peace with demons, let our heart to make friendship with peace and settle down everything in life with a great smile.

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