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Adulting Book Summary

“Adulting: How to Become a Grown-up in 535 Easy(ish) Steps” is one of the best books about self-development. This book is hysterical and entertaining while also providing valuable tips to those beginning life on their own. Kelly Williams Brown is the author of this impressive book. Adulting is a cheeky and fun guide on basic skills necessary for being an adult in the 21st century. It’s informative without being condescending. It is a fabulous book to give to any late teen early twenty-year-old who needs some clues on how to be a proper adult and to learn and know how to take on responsibilities and survive on their own. This guide will help you to navigate the stormy Sea of Adulthood so that you may find safe harbor is not running out of toilet paper bay, and along the way, you will learn what to check for when renting a new apartment not just the nearby bars, but the faucets and stove, among other things. When a busy person can find time to learn more about the world (It involves the intersection of NPR and hair-straightening). How to avoid hooking up with anyone in your office, imagine your coworkers having plastic, featureless doll crotches. In short, this is like an irreverent, modern version of Peggy Post’s book on Etiquette but covers so much more than that from how to write thank-you notes, to dealing with difficult neighbors, to more practical things like how to get stains out of your clothes and basic groceries you should have in your house.

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