Books by Neal Goldstein


iPad Application Development For Dummies, 2nd Edition

Ready to join the iPad developer ranks? Now you can — even if you’ve never developed an app for a mobile device. If you know just a bit about object-oriented programming, Neal and Tony will help you do the rest, walking you through the iPad app development process in language you can understand. All you’ll need is an Intel-based Mac, your iPad, your imagination, and this book to get started today!


iPhone Application Development For Dummies, 4th Edition

Whether you’re a beginning programmer who wants to build your first app or a professional developer looking to leverage the marketing power of the iPhone SDK, this book will help. It walks you through the basics for building a variety of iOS applications using Apple developer tools and covers the essential steps for creating apps that get accepted into the App Store. This new edition covers all the latest information, including key updates to iPad universal code and tips on developing specifically for mobile apps. Full-color illustrations make it easier to see exactly what will appear on your screen.