Books by Mark Noble


Drupal 7 First Look

Drupal 7 contains features for which site administrators have been clamoring for years, including support for fields, an improved administration interface, better database support, improved theming, and more. You could of course make a laborious search on sites, blogs, and many online tutorials that would promise to update you about every new feature, but there’s an even better way to know all about Drupal 7’s new features: Drupal 7 First Look is the first and only book that covers all of the fantastic new features in Drupal 7 in depth and covers the process of upgrading your Drupal 6 site to Drupal 7. If you’ve used Drupal 6 and want to use Drupal 7, you need this book.


Drupal 7 Business Solutions

You can use the Drupal 7 content management system to build a small business website quickly. You may add blogs, images, maps, e-commerce, social application integration, and more to your site to connect with your customers and make more money from your business.


Drupal 6 Site Builder Solutions

The “Drupal 6 Site Builder Solutions” is an instructive book that guides how to create a new website for our company. Drupal 6 Site Builder Solutions is written by the author Mark Noble. Mark has worked in software development and website design for over 13 years in a variety of capacities including development, management, and quality assurance. He currently works developing websites to help libraries manage their books. Drupal 6 Site Builder Solutions is designed for business owners who want to create a new website for their company. Mark guides the reader with step by step instructions for setting up a home page, product catalog, blog, event calendar, etc. With the help of this book, you will create a professional website. You will learn how to use some well-known and some other less-known modules to add interesting and useful functionality to the site that makes information easy to view. It does a good job showing off important functionality that is freely available to use and easy to configure. This will get your web site up and running quickly. To sum it up, Drupal 6 Site Builder Solutions is a helpful resource for site builders.