Books by Jeffrey Richter


CLR via C#, 4th Edition

Dig deep and master the intricacies of the common language runtime, C#, and .NET development. Led by programming expert Jeffrey Richter, a longtime consultant to the Microsoft .NET team – you’ll gain pragmatic insights for building robust, reliable, and responsive apps and components.


Windows Runtime via C#

Delve inside the Windows Runtime – and learn best ways to design and build Windows Store apps. Guided by Jeffrey Richter, a recognized expert in Windows and .NET programming, along with principal Windows consultant Maarten van de Bospoort, you’ll master essential concepts. And you’ll gain practical insights and tips for how to architect, design, optimize, and debug your apps.


Applied Microsoft.NET framework programming

The “Applied Microsoft.NET framework programming” is a perfect book to know about the .NET Framework. Applied Microsoft.NET framework programming is written by the author Jeffrey Richter. Jeffrey is a cofounder of Wintellect, a training, debugging, and consulting firm dedicated to helping companies build better software faster. He has been consulting with the Microsoft .NET Framework team since October 1999. .NET Framework applications are written in C# or visual basic and compiled to Common Intermediate Language. Jeffrey will guides you step by step on how to build robust, secure ASP.NET web forms and XML Web service applications. This book is ideal for anyone who has the knowledge of object-oriented programming concepts, like polymorphism, inheritance, and data abstraction. Applied Microsoft.NET framework programming is very comprehensive and describes in detail the types and classes that make up the framework. This book does not target specific certification requirements, or give examples of real applications, but it will improve your code and productivity. The good thing about this book is that in just a very short time you will really know so much about programming. To sum it up, Applied Microsoft.NET framework programming is a necessary book to know about the .NET Framework.