Books by Dave Thau


The Book of JavaScript, 2nd Edition

With JavaScript, you can add interactivity, animation, and other tricks to your web pages quickly. But this isn’t just a book of scripts for you to cut and paste into your HTML, only to find out later that nothing works as you’d expected. Using real-world examples as the starting point, author thau! walks you step by step through various scripts and explains how they produce the effects you want.


The Book of JavaScript, Second Edition

“The Book of JavaScript: A Practical Guide to Interactive Web Pages, 2nd Edition” is an informative book for computer science students. Dave Thau is the author of this programming book. Dave has been creating Internet applications since 1993, starting with, the first web community on the Internet. Dave Thau has taught countless thousands of people JavaScript. He is currently creating data-sharing platforms for people studying biodiversity and working towards a Ph.D. degree in Computer Science. In this book, Dave guides the readers on how to add interactivity and animation to their websites with JavaScript. Each chapter of this book focuses on a few important JavaScript features. You will fully understand the operation of how this JavaScript is working by simply reading this book. With the help of this book, you will learn how to work with frames, cookies, and alarms. The reader will find how to use events to react to a user’s actions. I would recommend this book for all newbies and professionals, who want to be an expert in JavaScript programming. To sum it up, The Book of JavaScript is a must-read book to learn JavaScript in depth.